Gas prices are crazy right now, it's not a secret. If you're like me, you'll try to save money wherever and however you can -- not to the extent of what people do on that TLC show, "Extreme Cheapskates," but pretty close.

To Make Matters Worse

During the Summer we do a lot of travelling, so it really does some damage to our bank accounts. You might have even decided to stay in town this summer, instead of taking a road trip to see far away friends and family. You could fly, but the cost of flights are high too.

So, to help out, I put together a list of the cheapest places you can get gas in several North Dakota cities.

Cheapest Places To Get Gas In ND

Here are some places you can stop to save on gas.

Granted, I'm sure these will all change by tomorrow, but points for trying, right? Hope this helps.

Prices To Drop Soon?

According to the NY Post, gas prices could soon dip down below four dollar a gallon, but it's unlikely they will stay there. In any case, we'll take it!

According to that source, the national average cost of gas is $4.75 per gallon.

The Most Expensive Gas In The Country

And the most expensive gas in the country? -- Get ready to faint. According to AAA, Californians are paying a whopping $6.18 per gallon. Hawaii is the second highest at $5.61 per gallon of unleaded.

I grabbed a receipt from the pump the other day (someone had left it there before me) and I literally gasped out loud. $130 for a full tank. Moment of silence for that person's bank account.


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