Gas prices are dropping across most of the country and here in North Dakota!  Most of Bismarck-Mandan gas stations are currently sitting at 2.53 a gallon, but will we see prices dip below $2.00 dollars a gallon again?  Experts say it's a possibility if the current trend continues.

This is great news as we head into the last un-official weekend of Summer and the long Labor Day weekend.

There are 7 reasons why gas prices continue to drop and why we might see gas go below $2.00 dollars a gallon again.  The biggest reason is that oil prices continue to drop globally.  The next reason is that tariff concerns continue to keep oil prices low.  The US continues to pump more oil, refineries are up to full speed, extreme weather across the US has kept motorists at home and keeping motorists at home, the Gulf of Mexico has been quite and the dollar continues to be strong to round out the top 7 reasons why gas could be heading even lower.


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