Bismarck is no stranger to protesting, although this one did catch people’s attention in Bismarck, Friday (Aug. 4) morning.


Blood Stained Men and Friends brought their protest against circumcision to Bismarck, at the corner of South Washington and Bismarck Expressway.

The protest led by Brother K has several men and one woman dressed in white clothing with red stains on their crotch area, caught many drivers by surprised today.

They passes out cards that said "protect your son: don't let them cut his penis.

The group claims circumcision hurts, is destructive and in unnecessary.

Some drivers didn't give them a second look, while others honks, showed support, a few cheers and some middle fingers were all part of the scenery. The protesters carried signs that read “Circumcision cruelty to boys," "End genital mutilation," and "Stop cutting baby penis."

The controversy about the pros and cons of circumcision will go on, for the benefits of the proceadure, and why it is done, you can click here.
The top hat protesters were in Dickenson yesterday and plan to grace Grand Forks with the red stained pants tomorrow.

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