Last week's COOL 98.7 Question of the Day was:

"What do you like best about spring?"OK, so spring is running a bit late this season. Nonetheless, here are some of the best answers:

Nature in all it’s glory!!! Baby animals, leaves on the trees, flowers, birds are back, can have the windows open!!

The day it actually gets here!!

Sleeping at night with the window open!

When the flowers start blossoming and when the birds come back.

Yes, definitey the new life that emerges within all living things!!

The day it actually gets here!!

Wildlife babies!

The colors and smells.

We couldn't agree more with all of these. Hopefully these images will tide you over until the actual arrival of spring - whenever that is.

Thanks again for your input. We love to hear your opinions on these subjects. Be sure and check the COOL 98.7 Facebook page for this week's new Question of the Week!






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