Most people forget that most sports are also a business

very much so. Pretty much every major sport there is are backed by sponsors, advertising, promotions, the anticipation of drawing huge crowds, and filling the seats of a stadium, an arena, or any kind of venue that provides entertainment - SPORTS. There is a local sports team that just came out with a press release letting all of us know that next year ( 2023 ) they will take a pause, if you will, to reevaluate what the team needs as a whole - again sports is a business, and if it's not profitable, sadly the team will disappear.

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The Bismarck Bucks have been with us since 2017

They began as an expansion team in 2016 - Champions Indoor Football - they then moved to the Indoor Football League in 2019. As you can imagine playing football indoors on a smaller field is quite different than what you see on television. The beauty of the Bucks was that they really wanted to get the whole family involved, with promotions swirling around the game at the Bismarck Event Center. This press release that came out today from the Bismarck Bucks:

"The Bucks will not be playing in the upcoming 2023 season, giving the franchise time to collaborate with North Dakota Workforce Safety Insurance (WSI) on the scope of the services needed to support the unique needs of a professional football franchise.

North Dakota is one of three states in the U.S. that has a state-mandated and employer funded workforce medical, rehabilitation and long-term disability benefits fund, fully managed by the state. Most states allow the insurance marketplace to provide these services to employers. Currently, no other team in the Indoor Football League (IFL) is forced into a state-mandated medical and rehabilitation program. This framework is proven to be untenable for a professional football franchise.

Not an official end, and here are some perhaps good news in the near future - the press release went on to say this "...The Bucks are in the initial stages of evaluating several cities which “have expressed interest as a future home for the Bucks”..."

So for now, only time will tell


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