A surprising wild animal has been spotted in the Bismarck City Limits.

We are used to seeing, rabbits, squirrels, feral cats, and other little rodents scampering around the Bismarck City Limits. But it can be a bit of a shock to see other wild animals hanging out in town. And this past weekend, a Bismarck woman encountered a surprising critter in town.

A woman named Patti Ann posted in Bismarck's People Reporting News about a coyote sighting in her neighborhood. She even had up-close pictures of the coyote as it was exploring the area of West Edmonton Drive. It may look like a big and floofy puppers, but a coyote should never be treated as such.

North Dakota Game and Fish have advice on how to handle coyote encounters.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has previously issued information about how to handle potential coyote encounters. According to Game and Fish, coyotes are rarely threats to humans, but there are measures to take to ensure safety. Game and Fish advises against feeding coyotes or approaching coyotes. And if you do have to ward off a coyote, you should "wave your hands and arms and make loud noises so that coyotes learn being in close proximity to people is dangerous."

Patti Ann wanted to warn people of her discovery, but she hopes for compassion towards the coyote.

Patti Ann told me that she posted the pictures of the coyote "to bring awareness to the neighborhood because of little kids and small pets." She said that, after seeing many coyotes in the wild during her deer hunting trip, she was surprised to come home and see one right outside her window. And while she wanted to warn the community about the coyote, she also said she has empathy for the animal. She talked about how humans have invaded wild animals' habitats and that this coyote looked lost while wandering around. So, she hopes that people will be aware but not harm coyote.



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