File it with the Least Surprising Headlines Ever...

Dog bites man. Water is wet.

Kevin Cramer defends Donald Trump.

The Fargo Forum reported this week that Senator Cramer has once again defended President Donald Trump, calling him 'not racist' after the president said four minority congresswomen should "go back" to the countries from which they came.

"President Trump loves this country and does not tolerate the anti-Semitism or radical socialist policies coming from some freshman House Democrats," Mr. Cramer said. "I do not believe it is my job to play referee in a feud between the President and these ever-offended Democrats, even if the media disagrees."

The state's other national representative issued statements as well. Sen. John Hoeven as usual hedged his bets, saying he "wouldn't have said what the president tweeted" but called for a focus on "policy and issues."

"In that regard, I oppose policies like socialism and open borders, and believe we need to strongly support law enforcement," he said.

On the other hand Rep. Kelly Armstrong took direct aim at Mr. Trump's comments,  calling them "mean-spirited and factually inaccurate."

[Source: Fargo Forum]

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