Police in Grand Forks are calling it a homicide investigation - though at this time they have no suspects.

The Grand Forks Herald reports detectives are investigating the deaths of a mother and her three children.

The four were found dead Thursday morning in their home.

The Herald article says the bodies of 35 year-old Astra Volk, and her children Arianna Talmage, 6, Aidan Talmage, 10, and Tyler Talmage, 14, were found in their home on South 12th Street during a welfare check requested by Lewis and Clark Elementary School.

Police report that all four apparently died from gunshot wounds. Investigators did recover a handgun in the house. A police spokesman did not at the time comment on whether police believe the gun is connected with the killings.

“I think any time that you have a scene where children are dead, it’s a horrific scene,” said the officer. “The condition of the house and anything related to that really doesn’t matter. … It’s a great tragedy, and I think we’re all going to be affected by it.”

[Source: Grand Forks Herald]

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