I have used this saying many times over "One man's junk is another man's treasure"

Now in this case, what's inside is not necessarily Junk, just mostly personal items that have been literally stored away. Perhaps one day what once was left to just sit and collect cobwebs will be dusted off and proudly displayed somewhere else. That is why Harvey Schilling has an auction about 3 times a year, owner of Denny's Storage Company since 1983. I had a chance to talk with him on the phone this afternoon, a friendly man who just wants to give the opportunity to BisMan residents to bid on "What catches their eye when a storage unit is unveiled ( so to speak )"

WHEN: Saturday, July 9

TIME: 10:00 AM

WHERE: (3) locations, begins at:
- 1930 Hancock Drive then directly to
- 3344 Saratoga Drive then directly to
- 1444 43rd Ave NE


So....How does this work?

Simple -- -Units are auctioned off much like the TV show Storage Wars.
-We cut locks in advance to ensure there are actually items in the unit but nothing is moved or touched (you can see the dust outline typically).
-Auction participants are then welcome to take a look inside from the doorway only (not sifting through the items individually) then the auction begins.
-If you win, you must take everything in the unit (yes, even stuff you may not want). If you are curious like I was, some of the units haven't met their obligation with rent, so by law, they have basically surrendered what's inside to Denny's Storage Company.

I had many questions for Harvey

"What's the highest bid you remember someone made for a unit?" His answer was $3,000 bucks. Made sense to me since he explained that the unit was complete with household items ( furniture etc ).

Some units are thick with memories

As to be expected, most units when opened are not thrilling whatsoever, you're probably not going to see an antique car or a treasure chest filled with gold. The emotional part of seeing old uniforms, like from law enforcement or the military, always gets to Harvey - for those aren't just rags or ragged clothing, they meant something to someone at one point, and to me, any kind of service to our city or country should never be forgotten.

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