You know that old expression "It really is a small world" rings true out here in North Dakota

So the Super Bowl is finally this weekend. After months and months of watching football, it's all coming down to a final Sunday. As always expect a full day of pre-game, expensive commercials, a marathon halftime show, and then we will see one team hoist the trophy way up high. With literally the whole world watching, it's hard to imagine that Dickinson, North Dakota would have any ties to the Super Bowl, but they do!

Don't get me wrong, it's not extremely out of the ordinary if someone from North Dakota is in the Super Bowl

After all, we saw Carson Wentz from right here in Bismarck play for the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2018 and win them their first Super Bowl. Now there is a grandmother who lives in Dickinson, North Dakota that will be rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals, especially the young man who wears uniform number 55. Heck, I'll be cheering for  Gladys Weiler now, and she will be keeping her eyes peeled on her grandson Logan Wilson, starting linebacker for the Bengals. She's definitely excited for this spectacle, and when asked where she thinks Logan may have picked up his athletic ability, her answer was pretty obvious. According to "She says his athletic ability didn’t come from her, but possibly his father. Logan’s father, Trevor Wilson, was a wrestler for Dickinson State University" I'm going to guess that's pretty accurate, wouldn't you think? also reported that "...Logan lives in Casper, Wyoming, and people there are excited for him. There are numerous signs around town with his picture and name, and a local pizza shop even has a pizza special for Logan Wilson" I'll bet should the Bengals win the whole thing, Gladys will no doubt organize a parade in Dickinson in his honor!


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