Ok, this is the part when the older generation usually chimes in...

..."I remember when I was YOUR age ( around 18 years old ) minimum wage was around $3.35" I'm not going to reveal exactly what ancient year that was, you can google that for yourself, but I feel your pain if you are making the bare minimum at your job. I'm guessing there were a ton of people here in North Dakota hoping and waiting for 2023 to kick in for hopes that new laws would bring them more money - sadly that won't happen, but in other states, they will be tap-dancing to the bank with some more money to show on their pay-checks, while North Dakotans will be left out in the cold.

Have you ever heard of cost-of-living raises?

As the cost of living in everything that we come across seems to rise, like rent, or our monthly utilities, most businesses will bump someone's yearly salary "just an inch" to accommodate the cost of living. Well, shouldn't minimum wages go up as well? Wouldn't you think that's a reasonable assumption? The answer to that last question is YES, and according to valleynewslive.com, 25 states across America all agreed, however, North Dakota was not one of them.

Minimum wages come from The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act

The cover photo of this article no doubt sums up how frustrated and angry many North Dakotans are ( nice to see the gentleman had the steering wheel close to his two-hand salute ) -  "With exactly half of all 50 states in America raising their minimum wage, it has raised questions about why North Dakota did not. The federal minimum wage at $7.25 is much, much lower than most jobs are commanding right now because of the lack of labor,” said David Wald, president of Securian Financial Advisors of North Dakota.

Bummer - keep your head down and work hard, maybe a minimum raise will come in the near future

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