It's stories like this that make me happy! It's even better to know that a city treats a dog like a person! This should be the feel good story of the day.

A beautiful black lab named Eclipse, is known to ride public transportation in Seattle and no one seems to mind, as a matter of fact, she's become a familiar face to the bus drivers and passengers who have gotten used to the pooch taking solo trips on public transport. Guess where Eclipse is heading?

Eclipse hops on the bus from her bus stop, finds an open seat, normally a window seat and rides until the local dog park stop, then walks off the bus to go play in the park.

Eclipse's owner, Jeff Young, said he and Eclipse take the bus to the park a few  times a week, but Eclipse will leave without him if she gets impatient. Some days, Jeff will have a smoke and the city bus will rolls up, Eclipse will hop on, and Jeff will catch the next bus and the two will reunite at the park.

Eclipse has become somewhat of a local celebrity in Seattle.

Seems as though everyone is cool with Eclipse catching the bus! Someone commented that it would be safer for all if Eclipse could keep her owner Jeff on a tight leash!

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