Now that Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras has wrapped up, next is Ash Wednesday, today.

Win McNamee / Getty Images
Win McNamee / Getty Images

Today is Ash Wednesday and the ashes are a way of “blending symbols of mortality and hope, of penance and celebration, and kicks off the Lenten Season for most Christians.

Some churches in the country are adding a little color to their ashes this season. The traditional black ash, is being mixed with glitter. According to USA Today, "purple glitter is being used as a symbol of support for the faithful who are LGBT."

This started in New York when an Episcopal priest got together with an LBGT group called Parity to create Glitter Ash Wednesday.

I don't think you'll find the glitter ashes in the Bismarck region although there is one church in Fargo doing the glitter ashes.



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