Words Are Hard

Spelling comes easy for some, others not so much. Even if you're a genius and you are a national spelling bee champion, everybody slips up. There are some words that just don't compute.

Side Note: I had to triple check that I spelled "Misspelled" correctly because the irony and embarrassment of a mistake like that would've been too much to bear.

Interestingly Enough

Interestingly enough, each state has its own particular word that it struggles with. Some of them are understandable; others are a little concerning.


North Dakota

According to Google Trends the most misspelled word of 2022 in North Dakota is "Sorry."

This is a head-scratcher. How are we spelling it?? What other ways can it be spelled?? I will say, I've heard people say "Sore-ee" rather than "Sahr-ee," so maybe that has something to do with it.



Montana struggles with the word "Beautiful." Clearly the people of the state have deprived themselves of the comedic gem that is "Bruce Almighty." Jim Carey's "B-E-A-utiful day" line will never leave my psyche. I use it to help me spell the word more often than I'd care to admit.



The people of Louisiana get tripped up by the word "Gray." One can only assume there is a great confusion between thee spelling of the color "Gray" and the name "Grey." It seems some of us may have watched "50 Shades of Grey" one too many times. It's okay, I'm not judging.

New Mexico

This state struggles with the word "Bologna." I'm not sure how the people of this state have managed to erase all the Oscar Myers jingles from their minds, but please share the secret.


Georgia's most misspelled word of 2022 is "Little." I can't joke about this one, I'm too concerned. Georgia, are ya'll okay?


You might think that because Florida always has whacky news headlines coming out, that its most misspelled word would be something strange. I find its problem word to be understandable. "Separate" is its most misspelled word. I mess this one up all the time. It's the "A." The "A" has no business being there. I'd like to start a petition to change the second "A" to an "E." -- It just feels better.






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