Moe's Smoke Shop started in Minnesota by owner Moe Wazwaz. That is not a typo.  In the fall of 2020, Mr. Wazwaz expanded his empire by opening a Bismarck location at 3500 North 14th Street.  Now, Moe's is opening up a new location across the Missouri.

Moe's Smoke Shop is opening soon in Mandan.


It's a big high volume traffic location. You'll find Moe's Smoke Shop opening soon on Memorial Highway in Mandan.  It's on The Strip right over by Val's Auto Beauty Center.

High traffic means high visibility.

Seems times have changed.  I've never been to Moe's in Bismarck, but I can't imagine I wouldn't be looking all around to make sure no one I know was seeing me sneak in a smoke shop. Probably would have to wear a baseball cap and a big fake mustache.

It's a silly stigma because it's all 100% legal.

I know it's all by the book, but I'm scared of the looks.  Ever bought a pack of zig-zags at the Mini Mart?  Did you mention to the clerk that you roll your own cigarettes?  You've never rolled a cigarette in your life! So having not been to Moe's, I went online to see what we can expect in the new Mandan location.


Don't take my word for it, click right here to see their huge selection of products. Did you look?  That's a bunch of stuff!  Vapes, Cigars, Disposables, CBD, Glass Pipes and something called Kratom.  So welcome to Mandan, Moe's Smoke Shop.

Oddly enough they're hiring. Y'know, like everyone. Good Luck!


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