A friend of mine sent me this picture she found on Facebook today...

...her caption to the pic was simple: "Moe's is giving away FREE turkeys" - Now I'm sure you may have seen it as well, what were your first thoughts? Was it maybe a SMOKED Turkey promotion? Like say buy three cigars and they'll hand you a frozen turkey? Here is what Jared Selzer posted just over three hours ago:

"Moes smoke shop in Bismarck is giving away turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday, stop in today to get yours! Happy holidays Bismarck/Mandan community
EDIT…..THANKS everyone for coming we are all out of turkeys have happy holidays"   
Google Maps
Google Maps
So there had to be some catch to it, right? I mean FREE? I just got off the phone about twenty minutes ago with Jared, he's been working there in Bismarck since the beginning ( around two years ) - This was not a gimmick, merely an act of goodwill. "Moe likes to give back to the community", he told me. They gave away 100 of them, and as you can imagine they went quickly. There's a new Moe's Smoke Shop right down the street from us in Mandan, they are opening in the first week of December. Before I hung up, Jared had one more thing to tell me.

Moe's Goodwill Part Two

The generosity and holiday spirit will continue as next Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, Moe's will be giving away, absolutely FREE, another 100 Frozen turkeys!  So make sure you pre-heat your oven early and get over there - 3500 N 14th St - even EARLIER.



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