I saw this back in early September, the sign promoting another Moe's Smoke Shop...

...this one was in Mandan. How perfect, right down the street from our radio station. I have been to their store many times over on 3500 N 14th St. I am a fan of cigars and they have a huge variety of different kinds, and if you are not familiar, you would be amazed at just how different one brand could be from another as far as quality and price. I was blown away ( and still am ) by how big their Bismarck store is - besides the smokes, they have vapes, and glass water pipes, and get this, the coolest arrangement of shoes I have seen anywhere! So when I actually saw their sign here in Mandan at 3930 Memorial Highway ( formerly Prairie Patriot Firearms ) I immediately began to look forward to the opening in early December.

When two punks became brazen...

Just this last Saturday early morning, the time read 12:15 on the surveillance video that captured two punks breaking into Moe's by smashing through a glass door with a couple of thrown rocks - completely disregarding the fact that they were completely visible to anyone passing by on Memorial Hwy. According to kfyrtv.com "Owner Moe Wazwaz said two people stole 5 to 10 thousand dollars in merchandise...Surveillance video shows the pair running through the shop grabbing items" I went by there this morning, and as you can see in the picture that the door was already replaced. The Mandan police department is working on this, and if anyone has information that leads to an arrest of the thieves Wazwaz said he has a $5,000 reward for them. All it takes sometimes is one person to come forward with a tip, a description, or a make of a car - let's hope someone does jar their memory just a bit.


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