Many businesses and brands throughout the country are running promotions coinciding with Monday's solar eclipse, but not all consumers are in a location to take advantage.

The solar eclipse has given restaurants and retailers a chance to promote eclipse-themed deals, or just to showcase certain items on their menus or within their stores. In North Dakota, we most certainly have the opportunity to capitalize on a few. Most notably, Dairy Queen has the buy one Blizzard, get one for 99 cents, which starts up Monday, in honor of the solar eclipse. Another example is Denny's "Mooncakes", which are pretty much an excuse to have all-you-can-eat pancakes for just $4.

However, there are some deals taking place that North Dakotans will not be able to take advantage of. We've listed a few below.


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    There are no 7-Elevens currently in North Dakota. But they are selling solar eclipse glasses that have been approved by the American Astronomical Society. They sell for $2.99 each and you can be assured that there's also a tie-in should you purchase a 'Slurpee' with them.

  • McDonald's

    About 98 percent of the country won't be able to partake in the McDonald's promotion that is only happening in Oregon. Purchase a burger there and you get a pair of solar eclipse glasses. These glasses are certified by both NASA and the American Astronomical Society.

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    Krispy Kreme

    How do you make Krispy Kreme glazed donuts better? Make them 'chocolate glazed donuts.' North Dakota will miss out on this deal as the closest Krispy Kreme resides in Omaha, NE. The eclipsed-themed donuts are only available on Monday, August 21.

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    The "Eclipse Survival Kit" consists of a pair of solar eclipse glasses and a complimentary Chocolate Double Decker MoonPie. The kit comes free with the purchase of either an entree, sandwich, or buffet order. There are no Shoney's in North Dakota.