The verdict is guilty: a Texas jury has convicted a former Dallas policewoman of murder in the shooting of a man in the wrong apartment.

The Dallas Morning News Online reports the jury convicted fired officer Amber Guyger Tuesday of murder in the fatal shooting of Botham Jean in his apartment last year.

The verdict came after about five hours of deliberation.

Bailiffs lined the courtroom and the crowd was emotional but controlled in their reactions. The victim's grandmother pumped her fist into the air, while his sister slumped in her seat and wept.

Ms. Guyger reportedly shot Mr. Jean in his apartment last year. She testified that she mistook his apartment for her own and thought Mr. Jean was a burglar.

Following the verdict, the jury took a break before beginning deliberations of the officer's sentence.


Amber Guyger is the first Dallas officer convicted of murder since the 1970s.

[Source: Dallas Morning News online]

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