If you are an animal lover, this story will hit you right in the feels.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol made an interesting post earlier today (Friday, May 20th). They announced one of their beloved K-9 Officers would be soon retiring.

The canine officer's name is "Fia," and she was assigned to work with Trooper Helgoe, according to this Facebook post:

About "Fia"

Canine Officer, Fia, who looks to be a German Shepard, has been on the force since 2014. Her retirement date is set for a short time from now, on June 1st.

Side Note: I wonder if the name, "Fia," is short for "Sofia." -- Just a guess.

Two Retirements This Month:

I reached out to The North Dakota Highway Patrol to see if they would be bringing in another canine officer to replace Fia, but haven't gotten word yet. I do know, that this now the second K-9 officer to retire from the force within the past few weeks.

Also recently retired, is K-9 officer Boudreaux. I believe Boudreaux is a bloodhound.  He has also been on the force since 2014 (9 years). The NDHP threw a retirement party to honor his time in the department, complete with a gourmet doggy-dinner. The department made a post on May 6th, saying he had been called out over 200 times and had helped to find more than 20 individuals. -- A very honorable, service.

Here's the post from the day of the party:

I can only imagine that since they had a retirement party for Boudreaux, they will also have one for Fia.



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