The legendary Fargo Theatre wants the world to know it is politically neutral. Use of theatre images, including the marquee, is not allowed in political ads.

The Fargo Forum reports the theatre ownership issued a statement early this week, saying that the theater would not allow use of images in campaign ads, and the theater would remain neutral.

It fact, it must do so. Executive Director Emily Beck says the theatre is legally non-profit and by law must avoid endorsement of any politician or political organization.

Ms. Beck says the theatre has received calls asking if they in fact are endorsing certain candidates. Apparently politicians have used images of the iconic theater as part of campaign ads.

That will need to end. The theater is asking all candidates to refrain from using the theatre image as part of ads or literature.

"We're proud to be an iconic image for our community," Ms. Beck said, adding that the intent of the request is to "protect" the theatre.

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