I’ve been lucky enough to have been living in North Dakota for 6 years now, and even though people still pick up on my accent from Louisiana, (mostly when I say y’all), I consider myself an adopted North Dakotan.

We are blessed with an abundance of great food, so I thought I’d come up with a list of food that you'll miss if you move from the state or travel out of the state.

  • Walleye- is the best and freshest tasting fish I have ever put between my lips. Before I moved to North Dakota (from Louisiana), I lived on the Gulf Coast and had an overabundance of fresh seafood, but nothing compares to walleye!
  • Caramel Rolls- I have never in my life had this little nugget of heaven until I moved to North Dakota.
  • Bearscat Doughnuts- so good and always so fresh!
  • Bison Burgers- you’ll have a hard time finding bison anything out of state.
  • North Dakota Pizza- A&B Pizza and Bruno’s, need I say more?
  • German and Scandinavian food- many of the recipes are passed on from generation to generation. Try to find real good Knoephla, fleischkuekle, or cheese buttons outside of the state, it aint gonna happen!
  • Hot Dish- it’s not a casserole, it’s a hot dish and it’s always so good and filling.
  • Burgers- Scotty’s Drive Inn and Wood House, just to name a few.
  • Feel free to add more of your own.

    It’s another reason why we love and live in North Dakota!

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