"The Philly fans would boo a cure for cancer." - attributed to 1960's Phillies manager Gene Mauch

Now that Vikings fans (and boosters of Carson Wentz) who went to Philadelphia for Sunday's game are back, the topic has turned to the host city's hospitality - or lack thereof.

Philly sports fans of course are famous for their rudeness and crudeness (they once booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus), but a number of our folks who were there for the game have returned with stories of Iggles fans who were abrupt, rude or downright abusive.

'News and Views' host Joel Heitkamp (heard daily on SuperTalk 1270) reports: "We had full beer cans thrown at us. We were shoved and spat upon. I was headbutted by a drunk Eagles fan. My wife and sister feared for their lives. Another North Dakotan was beat up in a stadium bathroom.

"I won’t ever spend another dime in that city. I’d rather it burns a hole in my pocket."

Carson Wentz has, understandably, not commented publicly on the issue.

To their credit, a number of Philly fans have expressed their own embarrassment and mortification at what happed to the Vikings delegation.

The Mike Zimmer Foundation reports they have received an influx of donations from Eagles fans apologizing for how some of the fans treated the visitors in attendance at the game on Sunday.

There's still some brotherly love in the old town after all.

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