A former Air Force Captain who spent time at Minot Air Force Base in the 1960s has released a book about a UFO encounter he dealt with 51 years ago.

Captain David Schindele, although not a witness to the incident, was told by several people the day after it happened, that one December night there was an object hovering above the base and while the object was hovering, it caused multiple missiles to malfunction.

Captain Schindele, at a hearing in 2013, explained the events of what happened. Most alarming to Schindele was that he was instructed by OSI (the Office of Special Investigations) to never speak of the incident. Schindele's testimony can be seen in the video above.

The Citizens Hearing back in 2013 was held in Washington D.C. in front of six members of Congress where a plethora of individuals gave testimony about encounters with UFOs.

"The outgoing crew briefed us on the wild events that transpired overnight, and indicated that the missiles malfunctioned at the time the object was hovering directly above the capsule and next to the main gate," Schindele said at the hearing back in 2013. "We speculated on the possibility of an EMF pulse that might have created the situation. We had no doubt, however, that the 10 outlying nuclear tipped missiles of November Flight had been compromised, tampered with, and put out of commission by the object that had paid a visit"

Schindele continued:

The following morning, after we had been relieved by a follow-on crew, and we had arrived topside, I attempted to further query the Flight Security Controller who had been on duty at the time of the situation, but he interrupted me and said that he had been instructed to not discuss the incident. That is when my commander told me that he had received a call while I was on a scheduled rest break below ground, and he was told that we were to never discuss the incident. When I asked where the directive came from, he said the OSI.

Now, Schindele has released a book called, "It Never Happened Volume I" to discuss in more detail the incident that transpired. It was released in May and is available on Amazon.

Schindele told the Minot Daily News, "From the beginning, I’ve been conflicted with the goal of bringing truth to as many people as possible, while having no appetite for bringing attention to myself or receiving monetary benefit. But I also realize the fallacy in that."

But the Minot Daily News reports that proceeds from the book will be donated to the Seattle Chapter of the Air Force Association.

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