When you choose to enlist in the military, what you don't get to choose is where you're stationed. Some military towns in the United States are great, but, others? Not so much.

So, our friends over at Thrillist decided to put together a list of the ten United States military towns that you definitely don't want to be stationed in, based on weather, morale, base amenities, stuff to do, and accessibility to major cities. And, wouldn't you know, Minot is right near the top of that list.

According to Thrillist, Minot is the second worst United States military town to be stationed in, right behind Leesville, Louisiana.

So, what makes Minot so awful for those stationed there? We'll let Thrillist explain:

Remember the ice planet in Intersteller? The one that turned Matt Damon into a bad guy? Minot is a missile base located in a desolate region of the least-populated, most-rural, least-visited state in America, so it’s pretty similar, dontchaknow. Average winter temps hover in the low teens in a place where cows outnumber people three to one.

There is a silver lining to living in Minot, though:

For a while Minot was at the center of the North Dakota oil boom, jolting the local economy into overdrive, providing loads of jobs for military dependents, and causing rent prices to soar. Now that Halliburton has closed its Minot facility, jobs aren’t as plentiful and rent prices are steadily decreasing. The perk? It’s cheaper to live in the place you never wanted to!

Here's the rest of Thrillist's US Military Towns You Don't Want to Be Stationed In:

  1. Leesville, LA
  2. Minot, ND
  3. Clovis, NM
  4. Fort Irwin, CA
  5. Twentynine Palms, CA
  6. Fort Drum, NY
  7. El Paso, TX
  8. Jacksonville, NC
  9. Lemoore, CA
  10. Fayetteville, NC

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