Dave Barth, who recently sold A&B Pizza to his brother along with also selling his recycling company, decided against retirement to pursue a future in ghostbusting.

The Fairmont Hotel is perhaps the most haunted hotel in South Dakota.

If you've been to Deadwood, South Dakota, you've no doubt seen the historic Fairmont Hotel. Sitting right on the corner of Main Street and Wall Street, this red-bricked building has a unique rounded turret design.  It's also home to Oyster Bay- a bar, and you guessed it, an oyster restaurant.

No word if oysters will be featured in the Deadwood version of A&B's famous Taco Pizza.

Although drinking and gambling at still at the heart of Deadwood's attraction, hotels such as these were originally fashioned as brothels as well.

The Fairmont Hotel started out as a 1898 Victorian brothel, bar and gambling hall; making its living in these vices: prostitution, drinking, and gambling, as many establishments did as well, in Deadwood, South Dakota. It was built in the heart of the red light district on lower Main Street. All the buildings along this street had brothels on their upper floors.

Dave is buying the hotel from former New Jersey native Ron Russo, which may explain the oyster bar in South Dakota.  Ron has owned the Fairmont for over 30 years.  In that time the legend of the haunted hotel has only grown stronger. Probably because they don't just pour spirits, they put them to work nightly.   I found this on Deadwood.com.


Featured on the Deadfiles and Ghost Lab, this former 1895 Victorian Brothel, Bar & Gaming Hall offers Ghost & Paranormal tours integrated with historical perspectives relating its violent & colorful past to its present day hauntings.  Tours nightly at 8:30 p.m. Tours cost $20 and are about an hour and a half long.

Check out Karaoke Night!!

Yipes!  A 90-minute tour? Hopefully, you get to meet Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickcock, or Wyatt Earp.  I got a kick out of Deadwood Tourism sneaking in "Karaoke Night".  It seems the Fairmont Hotel is known throughout the region for it's kick-ass karaoke nights.

Speaking of "nights" at the Fairmont, the prostitution industry there didn't shut down until 1980.  So, these days karaoke it is.

Ron Russo has done a fine job of marketing this landmark building as a haunted hotel and I'm sure Dave Barth will keep up the tradition as long as greenhorn tourists are willing to turn over $20 for a hotel tour. But Dave will bring something to Deadwood that this old-west holdover has never seen before.  A&B PIZZA!

As part of some renovations, Dave's going to incorporate A&B Pizza into the hotel.  Will South Dakota warm up to the famous Northern pizza or will Dave buckle under the pressure and rename it the Southern?

Time will tell.

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