Former president Bill Clinton stopped in Fargo Friday, May 20th, to stump for his wife, Hillary, and knew exactly what to say to try and get North Dakotans on her side.

During his speech, which took place at Rheault Farm, Clinton mentioned the five-time FCS champion North Dakota State Bison and their former quarterback Carson Wentz:

I've got to say one other personal thing, because Chairman Fox mentioned it: I want to congratulate you on the fifth national championship for the Bison and the first time you ever had a player drafted second in the NFL Draft.

And, on behalf of my son-in-law, who is a rabid, foaming at the mouth Philadelphia Eagles fan, boy, do they need a quarterback and I thank you for that. I promised him I would say that. He drags my daughter to every Eagles game that's available.

Clinton also spent time talking about the time he spent in Grand Forks, immediately after the flood in 1997. He also made a return trip in 2012.

The rest of his speech was spent discussing how his wife, if elected president, would fix some of the issues the country currently faces.

Hillary's opponent, Bernie Sanders, spent time in North Dakota last week, making stops in both Fargo and Bismarck. According to InForum, the crowd for Clinton was much smaller than the one for Sanders.

You can see Clinton's full speech from Fargo, courtesy of Valley News Live, HERE.

North Dakota's Democratic caucus will be held on June 7th.

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