A new ad from the Gillette Company slamming "toxic masculinity" has drawn some fire of its own.

The ad has been making the rounds this week, showing a series of moments of men acting "inappropriately" toward women - and each other.

The ad follows that up with moments of men stepping in to set things right, admonishing men everywhere to "be their best."

Harmless enough, one might think. But the ad has drawn drawn some strong response from social conservatives, as well as men's rights groups.

Commentators like Piers Morgan are calling the ad an attack on men, and some are calling for a boycott.

Meanwhile some critics on the left find it unseemly that a major company like Gillette would resort to advertising to jump on the "#MeToo" bandwagon.

We'd like to know what you think. Take a look at the ad and give us your take on the subject.

[Source: CNN]

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