Maybe that article title seems a little overzealous, but when the snow falls this winter, we'll be putting some new Tow Plows to good use in North Dakota.

Snow removal could become much more efficient throughout the state as the North Dakota Department of Transportation is adding 32 new Tow Plows to assist in their efforts for plowing the roads.

The steerable trailer-mounted plows will help the snow plow trucks double their width of snow removal in attempts of making the roads more serviceable and accessible while helping to make them safer.

The new Tow Plows could help get roads clearer in a faster amount of time as the combination of the front plow with the new Tow Plow can plow two lanes of traffic at once while also applying a brine solution to the roads.

The National Weather Service in Bismarck doesn't show any potential snow in the forecast in the upcoming week, but when it does, it's nice to know North Dakota will be that much more ready for it.

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