We've all had to make adjustments to our lifestyles when the coronavirus showed up. Maybe you were giving the chance to work from home while we practiced our quarantine skills. "Social Distance" made it difficult for us to be out and about - doing what we used to without even giving it a second thought. Restaurants adapted to new ways of serving customers with a "curbside to go" strategy. Everything seemed to shut down, schools, theaters, and to my amazement - sports. Needless to say, it's been a year we probably will never forget. There were some things that took place that helped our situation, a necessary visit most of us have all had to schedule, some may say they would rather be sitting in a dentist chair than walk into a North Dakota Department of Transportation facility. In California, pre-COVID-19 days, if you didn't have an appointment, and your license was expired, taking a good hour and a half out of your day standing in-line with other surly people was like being in hell.

Some positive things were taken care of, to help ease the stress of worrying about registering your vehicle, there was a reprieve if you will, for getting your vehicle registered, an effort to help those who were financially hit hard because of being laid off from work. Governor Doug Burgum signed an executive order to extend vehicle registrations and driver's licenses until August 21st.  So now the NDDOT is focused on handling the license renewals and motor vehicle registrations that have expired during the whole COVID-19 disaster. For more on this story click here.


Not Making The Most Of Being At Home



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