The month of March was a true test on our ability to "STAY AT HOME" and adapt to a new way of life. The coronavirus shut down businesses, forced lay-offs, and played havoc to what we all took for granted - freedom to go almost anywhere. Now in the month of May, we are obviously still held hostage by the deadly virus. Some restaurants have opened their doors and taken heed of the current restrictions - space between diners, a restricted amount of seating inside. The quarantine of so many has now left all of us thinking if the time is right, to take back our lives.

Not too long ago, while driving alongside Riverwood golf course, a refreshing sight - a golfer walking towards the green. Awesome! Several local golf courses have been open for a while now. Not only are you able to swing your clubs again, but the courses have adapted to the corona lifestyle. At magnificent Hawktree golf course, single golf carts available, you can tee off as a pair while aiming for the green, and a pool noodle! Let me explain, a pool noodle is cut to allow the top of the ball to go down equal to or just below ground level - once again, a coronavirus safety measure. Golf courses have removed rakes around bunkers, now you may use your feet if you wish! Pebble Creek golf course has there cups upside down, and to avoid too many golfers getting close to each other, they have increased the tee times 15 minutes apart from each other.

American writer Mark Twain once said "Golf is a good walk spoiled", I'm pretty sure had he been quarantined, he would have been itching to take up the game.


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