North Dakota golf fan David Johnson earned his fifteen minutes of fame recently, after heckling golfers at the Ryder Cup who then challenged him to make a putt, which he did. Well, it seems Johnson's fifteen minutes of fame aren't up just yet.

On the October 3rd edition of 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,' Colbert discusses Johnson's improbable putt, before a heckler starts yelling at him to 'start the show.'

Of course, that heckler turned out to be Johnson himself, who Colbert then informs that you can't just 'start a show:'

You don't just start a show, OK? You have to start with some topical, political humor.

Johnson informs Colbert that he could do it, before asking for a large cutout of Donald Trump's head to be brought out onto the stage, which he will putt into.

To make things more interesting, Colbert puts a $5 bill down, wishing Johnson 'good luck' as he attempts to make the putt, which, spoiler alert, he does again.

You can see Johnson's appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' in the video above.

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