Mark Twain is famous for his upbeat positive opinion about the game of golf...

..."Golf Is A Good Walk Spoiled" - Well Maybe Mark, but trust me, after the winter we just had out there in Bismarck and Mandan, I am through the rough excited and looking forward to my first ROTTEN walk down the fairway. Unlike where I am from ( San Diego, where you can play almost 365 days a year ) when the first flags start showing up in the holes around BisMan, for me the first sign of warmer weather to come is here.

With scattered piles of snow STILL around us, the game of GOLF, OUTSIDE here in BisMan begins in just 2 days!!!

This bit of news that came out today ( Wednesday, April 26th ) was like a breath of fresh air - check it out - Bismarck Parks And Recreation District  released information:

 : Bismarck’s Public Golf Courses to Open Starting April 28 :

 "Bismarck Parks and Recreation District (BPRD) will open Pebble Creek Golf Course on Friday, April 28, at 1 p.m.; Tom O’Leary Golf Course on Monday, May 1, at noon; and Riverwood Golf Course on Tuesday, May 2, at noon. Course hours are 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily. Carts will only be allowed on cart paths at Riverwood Golf Course and Pebble Creek Golf Course. Tom O’Leary Golf Course will be open for walking only"    

Soon the sounds of summer will be in the air, the "Ping" from someone's driver, and several curse words will be echoing through the golf course as bad shots fly right and left. One day you'll find one of MY golf balls ( hopefully in the rough, or in a tree, and NOT in your swimming pool OR on your roof )



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