This is the trend I have been talking about, sadly it seems to be hitting everywhere here in Bismarck, and Mandan

When I hear of all the businesses lately ( in like the last 3-4 months it seems ) that are having major difficulty staying open because of mainly one reason - they are understaffed, lacking enough employees to run a restaurant - to me it's quite surprising. I mean when you think back of all the times you have heard of friends you may know, that are out of work, struggling to find work. Now it seems that almost every business is having the same problem. Here is the one issue that people from time to time point out through social media - if this is becoming a real roadblock, then why are there still some places that are planning on opening their doors for the very first time?

No need to panic, this bit of news is only for TODAY

For 68 years, this restaurant has stood TALL - well kind of, Bismarck's Big Boy is about 4 feet, and he has greeted everyone with a huge smile and terrific food. I heard a scream somewhere in Mandan when this news was first posted this morning ( I'm sure that person calmed down after they read more into it ) Here is what they posted on their Facebook page:

"Unfortunately, Big Boy will not be able to open for business today. We do not have enough employees.
I will provide an update and more comprehensive statement late today. I just wanted to get the message out since we usually open at 10:30 am. - Chad Wachter, CEO (Bismarck Big Boy)"    

SO....bottom line, a day off for their staff

Let's all join in with a huge sigh of relief


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