Paul McCartney has a new album coming out in the fall. Two cuts from the album were released this week.

The ex-Beatle's seventeenth solo album, titled Egypt Station will be available September 7 from Capitol Records.

In the meantime, two cuts have been released as of this week: I Don't Know, a semi-ballad reminiscent of Paul's work on the Let It Be album...

...and Come On To Me, a semi-rock that sounds like it would have fit on side 2 of Abbey Road.

Both songs are vintage McCartney, which may be part of the problem. It's been a long time since Sir Paul has put out anything that holds up against his best work with the Beatles, or even Wings.

Will the latest McCartney tracks prove to be chart-toppers? That, as they say, is up to the people. Listen and decide for yourself.


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