This may seem like a fairy book story.

I mean take a look at what we have here, a big-time celebrity and a world-class model, both natives of North Dakota, head-over-heels in love. Some may search their whole life and never find true love, traveling across the United States, or having picked and moved to a different state, working and adjusting to a new city, only in the movies do we seem to find such bliss. Until now. Minot's very own Josh Duhamel, and from Fargo, we have Audra Mari. Two picture-perfect people about to wed and have a life many of us can only dream of.

A bonafide celebrity, actor, former model

Josh Duhamel is no secret to North Dakota, has been a spokesperson for the state, and instrumental in helping out his hometown, Minot, North Dakota when the floods hit ( back in 2011 ) - This is the kind of guy everyone loves, even men who have confessed their man-crush. Only in Hollywood would you come to expect that he would meet and fall in love with another huge public figure. Her name - Audra Mari. Her resume is beyond impressive, Miss World America 2016. She is from Fargo, North Dakota. I don't need to point out each other's age, that's not important. Here is what makes this a tremendous love story - According to "She's an awesome girl, [and] she's perfect for me," he continued. "We're both from North Dakota and I think there's a commonality that we have. She's great." They met back in 2019. So, do you think this is just a fling? "When asked when he knew that his fiancée, Audra Mari, was the one for him, Duhamel admitted with a smile, "Oh, I knew that pretty early on." reported.

Isn't that what life is all about?

Finding your soulmate,  and even better when you are both from North Dakota.



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