Outgoing Senator Heidi Heitkamp says the next chapter of her life will take place in North Dakota.

As the Bismarck Tribune reported over the weekend, Ms. Heitkamp said last week she plans to return to her home state to do advocacy work after her term is up.

The senator says in her final speech from the Capitol Tuesday, she intends to stress the need for partisanship in the future, and adds that she will continue her work once back in her home state.

 “We’ll look for opportunities to do the stuff that we wanted to get done when we went to Washington, D.C. And a lot of that relates to the future of our children.”

Ms. Heitkamp will return with a last-minute win in her pocket; this past week the Senate unanimously passed the so-called "Savannah's Act."

The bill, introduced by Senator Heitkamp, aims to address what she called the "epidemic" of missing and murdered Native American women.




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