Senator Heitkamp officially received the endorsement from her party to run for re-election Saturday. The state Democratic-NPL  Convention was over the weekend in Grand Forks.

Experts predict a hard-fought campaign against probable opponent Kevin Cramer.

“The entire country is going to watch this Senate race,” said Sen. Byron Dorgan. “I know it’s easy to say Heidi is going to win in a walk, but it’s going to be a tough and competitive race. And Heidi’s going to win this race.”


Mac Schneider got the Democrats' nod to run for the U.S. House seat. As the Tribune notes, Democrats haven’t held it since Earl Pomeroy was knocked out in 2010.

Other Democratic endorsements include Grand Forks attorney David Thompson for attorney general and State Senator Jim Dotzenrod for Agricultural Commissioner.

Former Vice President Joe Biden gave the keynote at the convention. The Tribune says Mr. Biden was received warmly.
As the ex-Veep concluded his remarks, Senator Heitkamp handed him a signed Carson Wentz Philadelphia Eagles jersey. Joe Biden, a former senator from Delaware, is an Eagles fan.



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