There comes a time when you may think to yourself just what can you do to help out someone or some people who need it. You may have a little extra time on your hands, and what a perfect way to spend it doing something solid.

I have the perfect answer

A press release came out a couple of days ago from the Burleigh County Senior Adults Program: Volunteers are needed to assist with packaging the meals and also with delivering the meals.   Check out these amazing statistics - Over the past year, the Burleigh County Senior Adults Program provided nearly 134,000 meals to older adults in Bismarck and throughout Burleigh County, ND 

How much of your time will be needed?

Think about what you do with your extra time - for just a few hours you can really do something special for others - three to four hours are needed with help for meal packaging - and your commitment to volunteering can be as little as once per month. That's not too much to ask at all. Meals are counted on by homebound older adults Monday thru Friday.

Here is a number you can call for more info and an e-mail address

Individuals interested in volunteering to provide this crucial service to our communities' most vulnerable should call Spring at 255-4648 or you can send an email to This is what doing a much-needed service in Bismarck is all about - a chance to help others and feel good about yourself.

We are all here for each other, make your free time count




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