Whatever the rest of your Monday ( Today ) afternoon/early evening looks like, make time for this...

...for we all should be proud and honored that these men and women served our country. Today was about as picture-perfect as you can get, with a light breeze in the air, and almost 60 degrees - an ideal day to show your patriotism to some real heroes. A real treat for 96 American military veterans who got on a plane yesterday morning and flew to Washington, D.C - and such respect were delivered to each of them as they visited national memorials built in their honor.

Western North Dakota Honor Flight rewarded veterans from  World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War.

Such a wonderful project put on by a nonprofit organization - according to drgnews.com this organization made it their mission "...to celebrate America’s Veterans by inviting them to share in a day of honor at our nation’s memorials. Combined, these Hubs have taken nearly 275,000 military Veterans to see the national war memorials"

Here is the amazing thing about this...

..."...This experience is provided at no cost to the Veteran. All the funds raised for this flight have been generously donated by businesses, service organizations, fundraising events, and personal donations from individuals across Western North Dakota"

So what can the rest of us do to show our love and appreciation for our heroes?

Easy, we can bring the whole family, friends, and neighbors out to the Bismarck Airport TONIGHT - the veterans plane comes in around 8:00 pm - if you get there around 7:30 ish, you can park in the short-term area ( so you won't have to pay ) and wave your flags high at OUR heroes - men and women - who made the commitment to serve the country they love. Welcome home!!!!


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