Monday was not your typical day at the Bismarck Airport.

A scary situation at the Bismarck Aiport took place Monday morning, that have at least two agencies investigating.

Two separate incidents are being investigated.

According to a source close to the situation, someone cut some wires inside the fence at the Bismarck Airport, which may have caused some damage to the runway lights.  They were repaired quickly after the incident.  We've been reaching out to Bismarck Airport officials for confirmation on this.

***Update, after speaking with Matt from the Bismarck Airport administration, nobody breached the airport fence.  Instead, somebody shut off power to a building that controls the power to the runway lights.  The generator quickly kicked in and the lights were back on shortly.  No flights were missed or diverted.

Bismarck police were also called inside the terminal for another incident.  A passenger's bag was found left unattended.  Police quickly found out who the owner of the bag was and approached the man near a ticket counter.  Police identified him as 34-year-old Christopher Fonseca from Connecticut.  The suspect soon became aggravated, he then proceeded to attack the police officer with a box cutter.  Fonseca was quickly overtaken by police and the situation was resolved.

Both the officer and suspect needed medical attention.

Both the suspect Fonseca and the officer were taken to the hospital after the incident.  The officer who was hurt during the confrontation is expected to be okay.  Christopher Fonseca is also expected to recover.

It's not known at this time if the lights being shut off and the incident inside the terminal were related.  Both local officials and the FBI are investigating the situation.

This is a developing story.  As soon as we get more information, we will pass it along to you.


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