Honoring Our Veterans:

A Western ND Honor Flight is returning to the Bismarck Municipal Airport for a celebration of our local Veterans. It will take place next Monday, April 11th at 8:00 pm. Ninety-five Veterans from all divisions of the military will be aboard and will have served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

They will have just returned from an all-expenses paid trip to visit all the different memorials built in their honor. Some of those include: the Korean Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WW2 Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery to view the Changing of the Guard Ceremony.

Why do it?

I spoke to Marty Presler, a board member for the Western ND Honor Flight organization, he tells me showing respect to our veterans is the least he can do.

"The veterans deserve to visit the memorials built in their honor.  While these heroes aren’t asking for the recognition, it is our position that they deserve it.  Our program is just a small toke of our appreciation for those that gave so much," said Presler.



Pride, Honor, and Gratitude:

It will be quite a special moment, as community members are being encouraged to attend the event. There will be treats and even a marching band. --What a great way to give our veterans a welcome home salute! Bring your flags, get there a little early, and make sure you give them a good clap and cheer as they step off the aircraft. You can even tell your church or clubs you're in, so more can take part in the celebration.





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