You may not know this, but to many, porch light colors actually mean different things. Green porch lights might be a salute to our local veterans, blue porch lights might be for Autism awareness or even be in support of our local police officers.

What Do Red Porch Lights Mean?

I'm sure some red porch lights might just be left over Christmas decorations. Some might even be for Valentine's Day, but for many it signifies something very important.

According to, the red porch light is most associated with the American Heart Association's campaign for heart-health awareness.

Some may even have focus specifically on women, with the Go Red For Women Campaign.

According to the source, February is known as "Heart Health Month." It is used to promote healthy living, and heart health, so while it's entirely possible someone just likes the color, it's more likely that the light is to represent this cause/campaign.

How Can We Be More "Heart-Healthy?"

1. Think about what you eat.

Avoid soda, bacon, processed meats, and yes, even alcohol.

2. Visit your doctor.

This is especially important for those of us who are getting older. Go to your doctor regularly. Get your annual physicals, and listen to your body. If something feels wrong, it's best to have it looked in to.

3. Exercise

Keep your body moving and that heart pumping. Just remember: don't overdo it.

There You Have It!

As you drive around North Dakota, look out for these lights, and keep the people affected by heart disease in your thoughts. You might even want to change yours to help spread awareness.


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