Pretty exciting Saturday coming up here in Bismarck with the return of an amazing band

I have run across so many people in the last month, make that the last 3-4 months that have waited for this Saturday, December 3rd - The greatest tribute band you'll ever see - Hairball - making their return back to Bismarck Event Center. This is your chance to experience the whole event and be a part of possibly a Word Record. Now that I have your curiosity, you are probably wondering just HOW you can contribute.

Are you a fan of furry animals? How about a good old-fashioned rum and coke?

This is such a great idea, Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue, Inc is teaming up with Big Dog  Distillery and Tiki Bar home of Heart River Spirits to bring you THIS:

"December 3rd Hairball is coming to The Bismarck Event Center! We are partnering with Big Dog Distillery and Tiki Bar home of Heart River Spirits to bring the World's Largest Rum and Coke to this event! Cups are $5 each. You can buy them now or at the event. Cups can be bought at Big Dog Distillery or message us and we'll get you some.
We are so excited to be a part of this! Big Dog Distillery is distilling the rum and we'll have almost 500 gallons of rum and coke! All proceeds go to FFRR and helping animals!💞🐾
VIP packages available!"

So not only will you be able to enjoy a terrific show, but you could tell someone YOU were a part of a World Record!

Not to mention lending your PAWS ( hands ) into helping out Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue, who are just awesome. Make sure you are a part of this!



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