(Rockets in picture may seem larger than they appear)

As usual I got a little ahead of myself on this story.  It's just that I saw KXNET Good Day Dakota reporting about this free summer event coming up Saturday July 18th at Gateway to Science. It's called the STEM Spectacular and involves activities for kids of all ages- even adults can participate as long as you don't hog the giant slingshot..

STEM it seems, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  All cornerstones of Bismarck's Gateway to Science.  So this is going to be one of those events where you can't help but learn a little something.

Nifty thing- it's free and the activities are taking place outside. Even niftier- the activities are hands-on for all ages. They've added some new ones this year, but you can count on the classics from summers past.  Classics like rockets, bubbles, and giant slingshots!  The Gateway to Science hands-on exhibit hall will also be open- admission inside is just six bucks for all ages.  If you haven't been inside before, bring some extra cash and make it an entire afternoon of enlightenment and entertainment.

Masks are required for all that are ages 10 and over- and recommended for participants of all ages.  The STEM Spectacular is Saturday July 18th from 1 to 4 PM at the Frances Leach High Prairie Arts and Science Complex 1810 Schafer Street in Bismarck.  There's many other programs your kids can participate in throughout the year.  Find out more right here.

Consider adding the Capital's awesome Heritage Center to your day.  It's free too.

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