Bacon is amazing. This is universally agreed upon. That fat. The grease. The sound it makes when it cooks. You can have it with breakfast or on a burger or as a snack. It doesn't matter. It's bacon.

But how much do North Dakotans like bacon? This is a very important question. We can't just love bacon. We have to show we love bacon.

Estately and Ginnys teamed up to create a map of how much each state loves bacon. The way they discovered this is admittedly not too scientific. They analyzed over 30,000 photos of bacon on Instagram to see which states posted the most pictures of bacon.

Kudos to North Dakota, a state that apparently likes bacon 40% more than the national average. Maybe our bacon is just more photogenic though. In Hawaii their bacon love is 48% below the national average. Well have you seen the women there? Why would they spend time taking pictures of their bacon?

But I digress. In North Dakota we love bacon and we love taking pictures of our bacon. It's like our food pet.

Carson Wentz likes bacon too.

We don't compare to Nebraska though where their love of bacon is 132% above the national average. It's no wonder the leading cause of death in Nebraska is hypertension.

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