You Can Never Be Too Safe?

It seems like it's every other day we see someone posting on Facebook that their car has been stolen.

While you might think some of this is common sense, it's never a bad idea to have a check list. Here's what you should keep in mind when it comes to protect your car and property.

Lock Your Car

You should always lock your car, even if you're just popping in to the gas station to pay after a fill up. It would be so easy for someone to just slide in the driver's seat and zoom off with your wheels and full tank of gas. This may seem like a "Duh" tip, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't do this.

Something To Keep In Mind

Here's the thing: criminals are usually dumb. They don't like a challenge, or to do it if it will take too much time. If it's easy to take, they will take it. So, point of story is, don't make it easy.

Warming Up For The Winter

A lot of us like to warm up our cars in the Winter. We go outside and start the car, so when we get in it's nice and warm and cozy. If you can't leave your car running without a key in the ignition and door unlocked, I'd strongly recommend doing something else. Bite the bullet and sit while it warms, or get a starter.

I mean, what's worse, paying a couple hundred for a starter or sitting in a cold car for a bit, or walking to work every day?

Make Sure Nothing Is Visible

This is a rule to live by, especially if you are traveling. Never leave any valuable items out in the open where someone can see it walking by. You don't want to tempt any criminals to steal things out of your car either. Laptops, money, expensive shoes -- don't do it. Even if it's only $5, put it away.

Stay safe & Thanks for reading!


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