The weather was not what anyone expected for Mardi Gras. But that does not mean that a party needs to be canceled. Bring the festivities home, to work or to the office. Make the most of the moment at hand, and look back at the memories that will remain. Often it is the unforeseen circumstances we reminisce the most about anyways. Just think to yourself, do you recall the 'perfect birthday celebration' first or do you giggle to yourself the time a birthday cake was burnt, covered in cool whip with a candle of the wrong number in the middle? I know, a little exaggerated there, how about the time the dog maybe ate the cake, is that better? So there is your inspiration, and here is how you can still enjoy Mardi Gras with the rest of the world.


The spirit and colors for classic Mardi Gras. A fun festive color combination that instantly makes one think of Mardi Gras and New Orleans. Purple is for Justice, Green is for Faith and Gold represents Power.


Never had King Cake. Cannot find a bakery local with King Cake. No worries. Easy solution. Adapt and improvise. Grab a can of crescent rolls and make individual mini cakes. Here is a great recipe, CLICK HERE. Want to be even more traditional, be sure to buy a tiny plastic baby to insert in one of the individual rolls for the 'authentic experience'.



When one thinks about Mardi Gras, immediately it's the food. The overstuffing of oneself with an abundance of food. Need meal ideas, think Cajun. Enjoy jambalaya, red beans& rice, or gumbo, and make homemade beignets. YUM, CLICK HERE easy beignet recipe. As for refreshments? Hurricanes are the signature drink of celebrating in New Orleans. Make a pitcher to enjoy with friends, just no driving afterward.


If you are able to get out, the weather permits. Head to Blarney Stone in Bismarck as they will have a FULL Mardi Gras menu on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023.

Hungry for the Polish celebrated Fat Tuesday treat, were talking Paczkis? Head to any of the Bearscast Doughnut locations for Bismarcks dusted in lots and lots of powder sugar. If in Fargo, swing by Sandy's Donuts & Coffee Shop as they'll have mixed berry, bavarian cream and raspberry-filled Paczki until sold out.

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