I know what you are thinking, slow news day? Maybe, but still, some "so-called" news stories are downright hilarious

Ok here's the deal, if this article I am writing makes absolutely no sense, I'll just blame it on the second day of the stupid daylight savings change. Still desperately trying to get back that hour of sleep I lost. So sitting here half awake, I came across this headline...

"Study Finds Roughly Half Of Americans Born In The 1960s Might Have A Lower IQ Due To Leaded Gasoline"

How about if I just blame my low IQ on reading these kinds of articles? According to Newscientist "...more than half of the US population could have a lower IQ from inhaling leaded gasoline fumes as children. The study found that the most concentrated IQ loss is found in the part of the population born in the 1960s and early 1970s"

Ok let me make this clear, I was born in the 60s...and I seem to function just fine ( sort of )

Of course, the price of gas wasn't as insane and out of control as it is now. Maybe the scientists have something there, their theory is that we must be getting denser by the day for having to spend half our paycheck filling up our gas tank ( at least with unleaded gas, right? )  - so if this attempt at an interesting piece of entertainment journalism has failed miserably, you can blame it on my parents, for conceiving and producing a goofy looking young kid in the 60s.




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