Sometimes, there is news you just cannot make up!

Sean Gallup / Getty Images
Sean Gallup / Getty Images

For instance, according to Inforum, someone lost a bag of weed, and the Lincoln Police Department went to Facebook to reunite the bag with its rightful owner.

On November 19th, Lincoln PD posted a picture of a sack of weed on their Facebook page. The pot was found in a parking lot at the Cenex store in Lincoln.

If you're missing your Thanksgiving stash, and you were in the Lincoln area, please, contact the Lincoln PD, as they would like to reunite you with your bag.

Which begs the question, if you would have found a bag (and a pretty nice size bag with buds) in a parking lot, what would you do?

Keep it or call the cops?

You have to love the Lincoln Police Department, they’re just trying to help!

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